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Fire Resistance of Stainless Steel

Numerous industries use stainless steel. Although its corrosion resistance somewhat overshadows it, the heat and fire resistance of stainless steel is a major property of this metal. 

316/L Stainless Steel and Fire Resistance


This type of steel is best suited for the manufacturing of medical, marine and food applications. It has better non-magnetic properties than other stainless ones. Due to that, it is popular in wire cloth, springs and hose braiding. You can also see stainless steel in coastal architectural paneling, chemical and petrochemical equipment as well as in engineered components.


Hardening treatment of this metal can be done after heating to 1,010-1,120 degrees Celsius and cooling rapidly. Because of the chromium content of 316, this heat resistance melting range will not affect its oxidation resistance.


HUACI metals had testing done on 316 type door and frames to test their fire resistance. This test lasted two hours and ten minutes. In the end, it showed a temperature of only 98 degrees Celsius on the ‘safe’ side of the door. The doors and frames suffered minor discoloration and thermal distortion of the steel. However, the doors maintained their entire structural integrity throughout the test. This test and others done continue to prove that 316 stainless is a great choice for fire resistance and prevention.


About the fire performance of stainless steel


Stainless steel is an excellent fire performer, offering superior fire resistance compared to other materials. It is highly resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures up to 1,400°C without discoloring or melting. Additionally, stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity, meaning that it does not easily transfer heat and can protect building occupants from the effects of a fire. It also resists corrosion from smoke and corrosive building materials, making it a great choice for areas subject to high temperatures or intense flames.

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