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Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long circular steel, widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrumentation and other industrial transportation pipes and mechanical structure components. In addition, in bending, torsional strength is the same, light weight, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also commonly used for furniture and kitchenware.

The best Stainless Steel Pipe supplier in China


HUACI is the best Stainless Steel Pipe supplier in China because they offer the highest quality products and the most competitive prices. They have a wide range of products that are suitable for a variety of applications and industries. HUACI also has a strong commitment to customer service, which means that they are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Luoyang Huaci Metal Product Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999, located in Henan province a manufacturer and wholesaler of independent import and export rights.