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Stainless Steel Profile



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My stainless steel plate order received today. That's exactly what I think. The product surface and quality are very good. We will recommend your company to others.

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The best Stainless Steel Profile supplier in China


If you’re looking for the best stainless steel profile supplier in China, With over 20 years of experience in the stainless steel industry, we know how to provide our customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Stainless Steel Profile: The ultimate guide


When you choose to purchase high quality Stainless Steel Profile, there are some important points we need to know before starting.


China  Huaci stainless Steel is one of the most trusted and durable materials for construction and manufactured goods. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its superior corrosion resistance and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This article provides an overview of the various types of stainless steel profiles and how they can be used in different manufacturing processes. It explains their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the right material for your project.Need to know more details about Stainless Steel Coil, please contact us China Huaci Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier


China Stainless Steel Profile


With its sleek and modern look, stainless steel has become one of the most popular materials used in home appliances and commercial settings. But what many people don’t realize is that there are different types of stainless steel, each with its own unique properties.

The most common type of stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain. This makes it ideal for use in kitchen appliances, sinks, and other areas where water or other liquids may be present.

Another type of stainless steel is ferritic stainless steel, which has a lower resistance to corrosion but is still strong and durable. This type of stainless steel is often used in industrial settings or for outdoor applications.

Lastly, martensitic stainless steel is a hard and strong type of stainless steel that is often used in knives and other cutting tools.


China Stainless steel profiles are classified according to their uses


1, building stainless steel profile (divided into doors and Windows and curtain wall two kinds)

2, radiator stainless steel profile

3, general industrial stainless steel profile: mainly used in industrial production, such as skeleton of automation machinery and equipment, sealing cover and companies according to their own custom mould machinery and equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belt, lifting machine, glue machine, testing equipment, shelves, etc., and mostly in the clean room use electronic machinery industry.

4, Rail vehicle structure: mainly used for rail vehicle body manufacturing.



China Stainless Steel Profile Product Details

Product name Stainless Steel Profile
Standard ASTM A240/240M , AISI, GB1220 , JIS, DIN17440, EN
Material 201,304,304L,316,316Ti,316L,321,309s,310,904L,410,410s,409,420,420J2,430,444,301
Surface Pickling white ,Brushed,Bright
configuration Equal Angel Bar, Unequal Angel Bar,Channel Bar ,Flat Bar,U channer
Length standard5.8-6M or customized length
Thickness Cold rolled CR: 0.3-8mm;Hot rolled HR is 3-250mm
Application Automotive Trim and Molding;Builders Hardware, Fasteners ,and Furnace Parts;Interior Architectural Trim and Paneling;Kitchen Trim and Equipment;Zippers, Vaults, and Tubing;Tobacco Machinery, Television Cones, and Storage Vessels



China Stainless Steel Profile is the type


There are many different types of stainless steel, each with their own unique properties and applications. However, one type of stainless steel that is particularly versatile and widely used is Stainless Steel Profile.

Stainless Steel Profile is an incredibly strong and durable type of stainless steel that is perfect for a wide range of applications. It is often used in construction and engineering projects due to its strength and resistance to corrosion.

Another great advantage of Stainless Steel Profile is that it is easy to work with and can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes it ideal for use in a number of different industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical.



China Stainless steel profile rail connector


Guide fittings, the utility model relates to a stainless steel profile used in shower room, which exposes copy with fittings, fittings, fittings for triangular copy right, the left side is equipped with the steps, front, top and bottom are equipped with screw holes, fitting body for cleft, set at the top of the chute, the side of the connector main body set with strip-shaped screw hole, the screw hole on the bottom. Fittings, installed in the main body is inserted into the lock wall column fittings within the lower end of the copy is inserted into the connector body, and through the screw twist tight, lock wall column and fitting body and fitting copy solid matter into an organic whole, at the same time fitting body copy another side hole and fittings also use screws to the matter, for the reinforcement of another step, then insert the slide up and down side has become one of the fittings The accessory is fixed by screws. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, firm stability, strong bearing force, and the connecting parts are divided into left and right, providing convenience for generation and matching.


Stainless Steel Profile manufacturer/suppier


HUACI is a leading supplier of custom steel extrusions and stainless steel extrusions.  Profiles are drawn or extruded into shapes. No matter what sort of profile you need, we can provide the steel extrusions that match your designs perfectly. Request a quote on stainless steel extrusions, or contact us for more information.



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